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On several occasions, Matt and a team of volunteers including - Johnny McGuire (lights & tech), make-up artists Danielle Dettore, Kasha Rodig, Sophia Porter and Kate Johnson (make-up) - volunteered their time to create social media portraits for clients of The Cara Program.

Cara was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Tom Owens.

Now, 25 years later, Cara has evolved as not only a best-in-class job training and placement provider for individuals affected by homelessness and poverty, but also a vehicle for true life transformation.

Since inception, we have placed more than 5,300 individuals into more than 7,800 quality jobs at one-year job retention rates of 70% or better, catalyzing the same number of families to stop the transfer of poverty from one generation to the next. In addition, Cara boasts social enterprises - including one in neighborhood beautification and the other in temporary staffing - that achieve a double bottom line: more than $2 million in revenue annually and 400+ transitional jobs per year for the hardest to employ.
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